Saturday, July 29, 2006

'Warm with a Mystery / I may reveal to you / In Time'

It's becoming increasingly easier to spend some time in Rio. Emotionally speaking, naturally. I arrived earlier this morning after a night bus ride, had a shower (a VERTICAL one, not the diagonal irritating shit I get in Sampa) and after eating mom's food, talked to mom about the general hardness of everyday housewife life, watched my beloved 'Riverdance' DVD, ate more mammafood and went straight to bed for a nap. I realised it's been many months, probably over a year since I last had sleep during the day. The sleep of the just. I not just needed it, but also deserved it, and that was something I just wasn't able to afford in Sampa lately. And also it had been over a year since I had last watched my favourite DVD (I own the official recording they made for the worldwide audience, the one filmed in Genova in 2002. Alas, not the original version with the Divo of Irish tap Michael Flatley, nor Anúna singing, not even my favourite piper, Davy Spillane--neither the current Boyne nor Foyle troupes! But it was a cool troupe nonetheless).

Sounds like I am assimilating the story of that show. How come we always get the right story we need to hear? In the last act of Riverdance, that narrator with a delicious gaelic accent talks about learning to live in a foreign land and discovering that any and everywhere all rivers flow to the Sea, and we are all under the same Sun and same Moon. That perked up some ears this time around that the same lines had never done before. Then the last dance number, the best performance Michael Flatley's new substitute Breandan Ní Gallaí rendered the whole show, starts with the narrator telling how the children of the Irish who moved to the New World felt Ireland 'familiar yet strange'.

Again, the question: What brings us the right story at the right time? Dan Yashinsky called It the 'Storykeeper'. What do you call it?