Monday, July 03, 2006

How Stars are Made

Sounds like I'm getting big.

Last night I went wandering downtown seemingly for no special reason, and I met two witch-friends somewhere along Avenida Paulista. One of them was at the performance I gave at Solstice, and with a wide smile she said I told the story she needed to hear on that occasion (Rhiannon's). The other witch asked, 'so you were the storyteller at Yule?', and it's not hard to imagine I was very proud to say 'Yeah, it was me!' The word was spreading to my favour!

The one who watched me congratulated me for my performance and told her companion I did very well. And then two invitations came, first to perform at EAB (Encontro Anual de Bruxos--the same event that three years ago brought Macha Nightmare to Sampa) by the end of this month, which I had to decline due to the International Storytelling Symposium, which will happen in my native Rio on the same weekend. Then, the one who heard-say about my performance told me she's putting a pagan soiree together, and I'll perform there. SO COOL.

Also, there's the performance I have booked for this month's PnT, a monthly pagan get-together in Nature with picnic, a lecture and other activities, on 16th. I used to organize the carioca PnT when I lived in Rio.

Indeed, with Midwinter a working artist was born!