Tuesday, July 04, 2006

The Secret, Again

Oh, I finally did it, folks! I watched the whole 'the Secret' feature, five to ten minutes a day. In the end of the film, it gets even cooler, because I becomes what a film should actually be about: photography, images, movement, music and sensations.

The link I had posted here on my blog last month was removed from Google before I could watch it the first time, but I managed to find another link to watch it online, thanks to Yahoogroups ;)

I'm not publishing the link here because I fear Google will remove it again in case they're aware the film is online, but if personal friends want it, just send me a private message, and I'll gladly share. I want the video to stay online because we people who don't live in the US and Canada aren't able to watch the DVD in our Region Code. Latin America has the same code as Oceania, Code 4, and the website, http://www.thesecret.tv/ (highly recommended, full of FREE conscious creation treats!) states clearly that the film is 'temporary unavailable to that Continent. And Europe, where I'm moving to next year, isn't Code 1 either. As I've told a couple of my friends, it's a downright shame that the more technology we have to connect us, the more ways we devise to bring us apart.

Anyways, those who can buy AND WATCH the DVD are encouraged to do so! I will as soon as it is available in either Code 2 or 4.

Meanwhile, we have the website, full of great stuff, especially stories and two eBooks: http://www.thesecret.tv/ . Recommended.